When you are looking for a loan and have been reported as bad payers, the doors to the rich world of loans may be closed … or almost. There are, in fact, solutions designed also for those who are bad payers and need money on loan to buy what they need most.

One of these solutions is promissory loans or loans guaranteed by the signature of promissory notes.

Designed specifically for bad payers who have no other way of accessing a loan, loans changed to bad payers are loans that should be requested only as a “last resort”, that is when the other avenues have already been tried unsuccessfully.

Disadvantages of loans changed

Disadvantages of loans changed

In general, the main disadvantage of the promised loan is precisely linked to the presence of bills of exchange, which are enforceable titles which, if not honored, can lead to the forced execution of one’s personal property, as well as to the entry in the register of protests.

Another disadvantage is related to the interest rate of the loan, which could be higher than that of online loans or personal loans. This is linked to the fact that the risks for the financial sector are higher and, consequently, a higher remuneration is requested (interest rate to be paid).

Advantages of loans changed

The advantages of the changed loans are different, in order:

  • possibility to apply for single signature loans even if you are reported as bad payers
  • exclusion from the verification of the information systems (CRIF-SIC), therefore the financial company does not carry out the control of a possible entry in the register of bad payers
  • the monthly installment includes all costs related to the issue of bills

How to apply for loans with bad payers

How to apply for loans with bad payers

Anyone who is looking for promoted loans and is a bad payer can apply for this loan by going to either your bank or financial agencies in the city.

A faster and potentially cheaper alternative is to search online using the loan comparison sites, such as E-Money.it and Good Credit, which allow you to compare in a few clicks different types of loans that can potentially be right for you. At this point, all you have to do is request a quote and wait for the quick feasibility response.

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